More than 35 years of experience at your service


Since 1984, the Raboud Group has been sharing its skills in Switzerland and across the world with its 5 different departments.

The jobs that are entrusted to us are designed, examined carefully, and manufactured in our factory in Bulle, in Switzerland.

We assist our clients right from the conception of their project with a very effective administrative back-up and a reactive and effective after-sales service, while ensuring a high-class realisation and installation that fulfils the most demanding requirements and conforms with international standards.

Our productions across the world

Principal skills

The Raboud Group is active in the fields of general layout design and the construction of exhibition and shop stands, in Switzerland and throughout the world. Our installations are found from Mexico to New Zealand, via the Middle East, Africa, India, the United States and all four corners of Europe. A large proportion of these international activities is devoted to the service of high-end luxury brands and the retail sector.

The Raboud Group is skilled in adapting what they offer to fulfil the requirements of sectors as different as exhibition stands for high-end watch-making, the hospitality industry, cafés, restaurants, railway and airport ticket offices, clinics, museums, smoking areas at airports, or even railway carriages or designing layouts for boats. For some time now, we have also been active in the field of pop-up stores, these short-lived stores that appear in the heart of great international capitals for limited periods.

The catering and modern furnishing sectors also represent an important part of our group’s activities.

Whether it involves your personal dwelling or blocks of flats, our craftsman-built kitchens, our walk-in wardrobes, and the brands represented in our showroom will enable you to design your interior space with quality, following the latest trends.

With our furnishing workshop and our after-sales department (SAV), we can install and maintain the quality products that we offer.


We have more than 75 employee to serve our clients, including more than 50 in our production workshops.

Our professional architects and our qualified technical personnel, who have foreman cabinet-makers’ or federal master cabinet-makers’ certificates, will be able to bring your projects to fruition.

The production and installation is undertaken by our employees who have a CFC (Federal Ability Certificate) in cabinet making. In addition, our company is keen to promote professional training and is continuously training apprentice cabinet makers.

Through our extensive investment each year, and our determination to keep our machines at the cutting edge of progress, we ensure competitive prices for our clients, while guaranteeing a finished product of impeccable quality.

Do not hesitate to contact us to visit our workshops.

Sustainable development

The Raboud Group considers that it has a duty to exercise its responsibility keeping its production and its establishments in Switzerland. We provide sub-contract work for numerous firms in the region in the fields of granite, glass, metal, electricity, case- and cover-making, engineering and finishing. Our group therefore helps to keep the local economy in good shape.

Environment and sustainable development

We heat our building with wood waste from our own production, thus avoiding having recourse to non-renewable energy.

We carry out efficient and effective waste sorting in our company premises and on our work sites, guaranteeing the highest level of recycling and respect for the environment.

Our installation teams also stay in hotels close to the work sites as often as possible, to avoid unnecessary travel.

FSC® / Bois suisse fulfilment

On request, our company can fulfil orders using FSC wood for clients who are particularly aware of environmental issues.

Our company has been FSC certified for several years. We constantly keep our staff informed about the wood industry and are structured so as to guarantee that your orders are fulfilled to the required standards.

Raboud Group has been able to fulfil orders with Swiss wood since 2017.

If you would prefer us to use Swiss national wood, we will respect your wishes and deliver you a “Bois Suisse” certified product, subject to availability of indigenous wood.

Social standards

We subscribe to the Convention collective de travail romande (Collective Romandy Labour Agreement). Equality between men and women is one of the important points of this agreement which we are committed to respecting. Women are well represented in our company, despite it being a rather masculine world, and the proportion of women has rapidly increased over the last few years. We provide equal pay for men and women.

We ensure that our skills and knowledge are given prominence and passed on by the continuing training of apprentices. Each year, we train numerous apprentices and often employ young graduates.

Our group has signed the “Internal conflict prevention and management charter” proposed by the Fribourg Chamber of Commerce and Industry. We are committed to protecting our employees’ physical and mental health, and signing this charter is tangible proof of this.


We do not have official quality certification, but have a very effective internal structure. All the departments in the company function with a system of work follow-up by project, whether this is in physical form (implementation plans, worklists, reception forms for the work, etc) or digital (technical and administrative work). This system of work follow-up by project means that each realisation can be followed up in the best possible way, with an exact follow-up of real costs (purchases and labour).

We have a well-structured and extremely well experienced administration, guaranteeing that administrative tasks will be carried out rapidly and effectively.

We check all incoming and outgoing e-mails to guarantee a high quality follow-up for each project, whether in terms of the quality of the realisation or respect for deadlines.

Each project is followed by one key person, from the invitation to tender to the final finishing of the work. This ensures a rapid and efficient treatment of your project.


In parallel with this, we comply with the standards required by our collective labour agreement and the PERCO safety standards. The number of accidents at work has therefore been extremely low and stable for several years in our company and on our work sites.

Since 2020, Raboud Group has adhered to the SUVA safety charter. We have thus reinforced with our employees the importance of respecting clear and precise safety rules in order to preserve their health and their lives.


In 1984, Francis Raboud began working independently in the field of general layout design.

In 1989, Francis Raboud launched Raboud Cuisines SA. From the beginning of the 90s, the company was therefore active in the two sectors that continue to provide its success today.

2004, Raboud Expo was founded, to fulfil the demand for exhibition stands, particularly for BaselWorld and the SIHH (Salon International de la Haute Horlogerie – International High-end Watch-making Exhibition) in Geneva.

In 2008, Raboud Group SA combined the sectors of activity that Francis Raboud had acquired and developed during his career.

In 2015, after 31 years at the head of the different companies which culminated in the founding of the Raboud Group in 2008, on 1st January 2015, Francis Raboud gave the keys of his companies to his sons Vincent and Johann, and to Thierry Coutaz.

In 2016, barely a year after the takeover by the new triumvirate, we are launching TANDEM expo-design, over 2000 m2 of exhibition and dynamic events, with spaces dedicated to professionals and private.

In 2019, we celebrate the 35th anniversary of our company.

In 2020, departure of Thierry Coutaz from management and executive board.
Appointment of Luc Meury as Chief Operating Officer.

Key dates

1984 – Founding of the company at Villarvolard (Switzerland)(Suisse)
1986 – Company moves to new premises at Gumefens (Switzerland)
1989 – Founding of the company Raboud Cuisines SA
1995 – Purchase of “Agenca SA” in Bulle, a new corporate name Raboud Agenca SA in Bulle
2004 – Founding of the company Raboud Expo SA to build exhibition stands
2008 – Founding of the Raboud Group SA, incorporating Raboud Agenca SA, Raboud Cuisines SA and Raboud Expo SA
2011 – Founding of the Ecublens subsidiary for Design
2015 – Taking over of the business by 3 new associates, Messieurs Vincent and Johann Raboud, and Thierry Coutaz
2016 – Opening of TANDEM expo-design, over 2000 m2 of exhibition in Bulle
2019 – Jubilee of 35 years of company
2020 – Appointment of Luc Meury as Chief Operating Officer.

Company organisation